Monday, 17 April 2017

Achieving Integrated Safety Management System Certification

If you are considering Integrated Safety Management System Certification, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

Despite what some online companies claim, it's not as simple as downloading and installing software. If it was, wouldn't every business already have it?

It's true that all International Standards or ISO management systems are based on the same principles and processes, but the skill is to adapt that system to your particular organisation. And that's where integrated management system training comes in.

Personalising Tools And Guidelines

Working with consultants, you can 'install' the tools and guidelines, and the systems required to monitor them, and then personalise them.

So, with Integrated Safety Management System Certification, the system needs to reflect your current safety procedures and perceived risks. And because it requires 100% commitment, you will also need to share your goals with stakeholders.

Taking Responsibility

Workplace accidents happen all the time, but so many could be avoided, with the right procedures in place. All employees should be able to set off for work in the morning, knowing they will get home safely each night.

As a business owner, you have that responsibility. You also have massive legal obligations, which Integrated Safety Management System Certification will help you meet.

Certification is relevant to any sized organisation, in any industry. Indeed, any small business wishing to become a supplier or contractor to a major organisation, will need it.

Save Time And Money

Integrated management system training will save you time and money, by avoiding duplication, lowering insurance premiums and increasing productivity.

Gaining certification is no small feat so it's best to get consultants onboard from day 1. To ensure you get the right people, there are a few points you should check.
  • How long have they been operating?
  • Are they experienced across all major industries?
  • Are they qualified Lead Auditors?
  • Are they Exemplar Global certified?
  • Do they tailor-make management systems for their clients?
  • Do they provide all documentation?