Sunday, 14 May 2017

First Step Towards Integrated Management System Certification

Does your organisation use several different management systems? Are you experiencing too much documentation and duplication? Then it's probably time to call in professional integrated management services.

The problem with running different management systems is not only time and cost, but also consistency. With so many policies and procedures in place, it's actually easier for something to slip through the crack.

Improve Efficiency

Achieving Integrated Management System Certification will improve efficiency, cost less, and better equip you to bid for major contracts and tenders.

An Integrated Management System is basically one system, that incorporates all aspects of your organisation. Whatever the size or industry, this approach will deliver better results both financially and operationally.

There is actually a lot of crossover in management systems - for example, workplace safety and environmental management share many common goals.

Better Planning

And when you approach these systems as a whole, you are better able to understand the effect of your decisions on the whole organisation. It facilitates better planning and increases competitiveness.

The first step towards achieving these improvements is to acknowledge that you need them! You will also need to ensure your management team is onboard, and they are crucial to its success.

The next step is finding the right integrated management services team. Many companies offer this service, but you should ensure you choose one who 'gets you'.

Choosing A Provider

For example, if your business is an SME, choose a provider who has experience of working with smaller companies. And choose a provider who has experience across a wide range of industries.

It's also important to choose a trainer who understands and regularly provides ISO services.

They will sit down with you to discuss your business, your needs and your goals, as well as your existing management systems. They need all this information in order to tailor-make your system.

Then it's a matter of implementing the new system, and undergoing training, all provider by the same expert team.

You will quickly see the many benefits of Integrated Management System Certification.