Monday, 4 July 2016

Integrated Management System Certification A Winner For Business

Queensland businesses really have to be on the ball these days. With increasing competition, many more rules and regulations, and the demands of customers, there really is no room for complacency.
Besides, it just makes good business sense to consistently monitor and evaluate systems and procedures, to ensure the organisation is working to the best of its abilities.

For these reasons, more Queensland businesses are investigating ISO integrated management services, finding that this leads to the smoother running of day-to-day management and operations.

Efficient, Effective And Economical

It's a given that businesses are made up of many different systems, such as quality assurance, personnel, finance, workplace safety, and so on. But that doesn't have to mean they all need to run separately. In fact, it is far more efficient, effective and economical to merge all systems into one.
And that's where integrated management system certification comes into play.

With this certification in place, the business owner knows the mechanics of running an organisation are taken care of, allowing more time, and money, to be spent on improving and building the business.

Better Meet Legal Requirements

Seeing integrated management system certification as anything other than an advantage would be a mistake. Far from being a matter of 'red tape', this voluntary action benefits the owner in many ways, from streamlining practices, reducing costs, better using resources - including staff, reducing waste, and better meeting legal requirements.

With this in mind, most integrated management systems revolve around the International Standards that cover the major areas, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Safety Management, and AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management.

By combining these management systems, the business owner can actually avoid duplication and reduce documentation, which has to be a great outcome in our busy lives.

Save Time and Money

With or without an integrated system in place, businesses use audits to measure performance and identify savings. But by taking integrated management to the next stage - that is, achieving certification, fewer audits are required. That means less disruption to the business, and great savings in terms of time and money.

Finally, businesses with integrated management system certification will find it easier to win bigger contracts, and attract more customers.

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